Google: Don’t Post Irrelevant Texts on Commercial Web Pages

March 22, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

Search Engine Journal shared Twitter threads of foreign webmasters regarding the texts on the pages of commercial sites. John Mueller, the representative of Google, wrote that website owners shouldn’t publish irrelevant texts on e-commerce sites:

John Muller about additional text on commercial web pages

According to Mueller, the site will benefit only from helpful content. Unnecessary text slows down search robots that display content for the user's search query. The differences between the extra text and the rest of the page content may result in losing potential customers.

What you can add on the category pages:

  • links to subcategories;
  • the featured products section;
  • the “You May Also Like” section.

SEO–expert commentary:

«Extra texts can decrease rankings, but if such a text helps to solve a user's problem (for example, it contains links to other sections on the site or helps to choose a particular product), then behavioral factors won’t get worse and may even improve. In addition to the proposed options, you can also add reviews (in the text or video format) or some useful tools».

Technologist SEO-expert of the SEO.RU Company
Konstantin Abdullin

Google: Don’t Post Irrelevant Texts on Commercial Web Pages
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