International SEO Services

If your website sells products or services to customers from several countries, you probably want to reach each segment of your target audience well enough. That is possible only if your website is optimized for those countries and convenient to use in different languages. It should also have a clear structure so that search engines understand it and get the right content in front of the right people.

Since international SEO involves thorough optimization of your website from navigation to content, it’s where many businesses need a hand. In this post, you’ll learn how to open up your business to foreign markets by implementing a solid international SEO strategy and what international SEO services we provide.

What is International SEO

International SEO is making your website visible in the countries that you target by localizing your content and optimizing it for search engines.

Why Do You Need International SEO?

70% of the world’s population don’t speak English. If you (are going to) do online business in foreign countries, international SEO will help you to make your multi regional website accessible for people there.

International SEO enables you to run a multilingual website successfully, grow organic traffic to the translated versions of your site, win the local competition in search, and reach new customers from your target locations.

What’s Included in International SEO Services

The following is a summary of our international SEO services provided to help you branch into your target foreign countries as you grow your business.

Technical SEO

When doing international SEO, there are two core tasks: to organize the multilingual content on your website and to indicate your website’s target market to the search engines. So first, your website gets audited and set up from the technical standpoint:

  • Implementation of correct hreflang tags (these are HTML attributes that show Google which language you are using on a webpage);
  • meta language tags (for host-wide location tagging);
  • correct geolocation settings, etc.


57% of web traffic comes from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). For some mentalities, mobile devices are a significant channel for accessing the internet: for example, in China, 97% of all internet users use their mobile devices to go online. So no international SEO strategy can be done without optimizing for mobile.

A mobile-friendly website has:

  • A responsive design;
  • Lightweight pages and fast load speed;
  • Content that is comfortable to perceive from smaller screens.

On-page Optimization

To rank high in the local SERPs, each web page of your international content should be high-quality and optimized.

International on-page SEO involves:

  • Choosing the best content formats that will resonate with your local audience;
  • Keyword research in the target language;
  • Content development;
  • Blending the keywords in the page title, H2 and H3 headings, meta tags, URL, HTML;
  • Finding and fixing duplicates on your localized web pages;
  • Fixing HTML, JavaScript, CSS issues;
  • Adding internal and external links to your localized web pages with optimized anchor texts;
  • Making sure the keyword density on each page is good enough;
  • Adding your content to the sitemap, and more.

All that helps to improve overall indexing of your localized website, as well as individual indexing and rankings of each webpage.

International Site Structure

Depending on your international goals, your domain, subdomains, and URLs need to be configured to reflect that.

International website structure can be of different forms. You can get a country code top-level domain (for example, if you want to target Australia), a subdomain (, or subfolder (

As a part of adjusting your international site structure, we audit, fix, and build appropriate website anatomy that will smoothly function in the target languages and geolocations. It includes:

  • setting up correct hreflang tags;
  • optimizing website meta tags for geo targeting;
  • making your international content fit your website;
  • adjusting geo targeting in the Google Search Console etc.

Research of Competitors

Competitor analysis on the local level is crucial for developing your own international SEO strategy. Knowing what your competitors are up to gives you answers on what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing.

When analyzing your competition, we look into the following:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What do they sell? Are they direct competitors or similar businesses?
  • What keywords do they rank for?
  • What content types do they use and does it work?
  • What distribution channels do they use to get to their audience?
  • What is their marketing strategy?

With that information in place, it’s much easier to build up a successful SEO strategy for your business.

Consulting on Choosing a Hosting Provider

There are hundreds of companies offering web hosting out there. Choosing the one for your website can be tricky because many of them provide the same services for approximately the same money.

The location of your hosting server is an essential factor: it affects your website load speed, and so, it affects your SEO. Choosing the hosting server location is easy for a website that is optimized only for one country. If you’re building international presence, we can help you find a hosting provider that will make your website easily accessible in each target geo location.

However, Google and other search engines can’t rely on the hosting server location alone to define the relevant audience for your website. With our help, it’s also possible to indicate your intended geolocation in Webmaster Tools.

International Search Engines

Google is the leader in search engine market globally, but in certain countries (like China, Russia, or South Korea) local search engines can dominate the market.

If you target Eastern European countries, we can optimize your website for Yandex, a popular Russian search engine, in addition to Google.

Website optimization for Yandex

International SEO Services: Prices

Our SEO agency promotes various projects all over the world. The final cost of SEO promotion for the website depends on the competition in your niche and geography of your project.