The Bounce Rate of Google Organic Traffic reduced by 20%

April 11, 2019 Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The official Google webmaster blog reports that the organic search bounce rate decreased by 20%. The company associates it with the website speed: when the page speed has become a ranking factor in mobile search results, the website loading has become faster.

Over the past year, developers have made more than a billion tests of the PageSpeed Insights Tool and analyzed more than 200 million unique URLs. The results showed that the site speed had increased in 95% of all countries and user experience ranking factors for the websites that previously were considered the slowest in 2018, improved by 15-20%.

SEO–expert commentary:

«Mobile usability of the websites is a ranking factor in Google. Make sure that your website pages do not have serious problems that prevent user’s interaction with the website. Analyze your page’s performance with Google tools: Google: PageSpeed Insights, Think With Google, Mobile Frendly Tool».

Technologist SEO-expert of the SEO.RU Company
Konstantin Abdullin

The Bounce Rate of Google Organic Traffic reduced by 20%
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